New Variety specialises in plant breeders’ rights. If you have a new plant variety, we can provide all the services you need starting with applying for plant breeders’ rights, finding suitable licensees, preparing testing agreements and/or licensing contracts, and then promoting your variety, to collecting royalties, monitoring compliance with plant breeders’ rights, and intervening in cases of detected noncompliance.

Once an application for plant breeders’ rights has been made, you can choose between limiting production to what you do yourself or letting other growers produce this variety as well. In either case, it would be advisable to rely on our expertise in order to maximise the benefits granted by plant breeders’ rights as well as to minimise infringements of these rights. Naturally, we would be pleased to add your variety to our portfolio. We also invite you to click on ‘CATALOGUE’ to take a look at the varieties we are now managing to see if there might be some you would like to include in your company’s product line.

You can also request New Variety’s assistance in protecting your variety against infringements of trademark rights or to protect an umbrella brand or your logo.

We would be pleased to serve you.
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List of varieties protected by plant breeders’ rights that are being managed by New Variety. Click on the photo for additional information about that particular variety.


Rights and protection



Trademark rights

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Plant breeders’ rights

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Trademark protection

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Exploiting a new variety

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